About us

QCI Corp. creates technology that makes life better for everyone everywhere – every person, every organization, and every community on this planet. Through our portfolio of 3d technology, ict services and solutions and quantum conscious intelligence we engineer experiences that amaze.

This Is Our Vocation
This Is A Quantum Leap For Doing Business

What is QCI

New Frontiers

This decade will define the century, and ultimately the fate of humanity. Today, in the face of economic uncertainty, energy crises and climate change – the greatest threat of our time – tomorrow looks a few shades darker than anyone expected.

Yet the story of mankind is propelled by our relentless pursuit of new frontiers. Innovation has pushed the boundaries of what can be and transformed every facet of the economy, but at a steep cost – to our climate, our social fabric, and our mental and physical well-being. Now, as we stand on the brink of make or break for the world, it’s time to close this frontier and discover the next. To swim through the wake of move-fast-and-break-things into the move-fast-and-fix-things era.

That’s where QCI solutions come in, with our groundbreaking idea and drive to secure a future for the generations to come. Our vision is on a fast track to gain traction: to deliver at scale and support to execute at lightning speed.

That’s our cue. We’re a technology company to empower the new wave of artificial intelligence and quantum computing tackling climate tech, food tech, the creatoreconomy, energy, fintech, software, data & IT infrastructure, deep tech and more. We provide radical solutions and high commitment lead investments to convert ambition into action, ideas into impact, and new solutions – from early stage to early growth – into frontier forgers.

With a freshly multidisciplinary established team of artificial intelligence, quantum computing, blockchain experts, founders and operators across Europe and the US who’ve been in their shoes for long waiting for this market momentum and walked this terrain, we are charting the way to the next frontier together


Who we are


  • The original German Startup: Founded in 2010; reinvented in 2017
  • We are one of the leading artificial intelligence technology companies in the world, and we are here to create technology that makes life better for everyone everywhere
  • In an ever-changing, connected world, QCI Corp. keeps reinventing itself, its technologies and what tomorrow holds – so industries, communities, and individuals can keep reinventing how they operate, ideate, and create what matters the most of them. Our mission is to engineer experiences that amaze each and every one of our customers.
  • Our goal is to deliver predictable cashflow and return of capital to shareholders while reinvesting in the business.

We Stand for Worldwide Operations Top Notch Technology Sustainability

Large Adressable Market
  • QCI is a global leader in the smart systems and ai industries, with an market capitalization expectation of over $100 trillion in the next six years.
  • Our personal systems business continues to create amazing new compute experiences for customers while creating profitable growth and growing the lifetime value of our installed base.
  • Our business is the leading market in size, scale, profit and innovation across any kind of industries, and we will continue to advance our leadership, disrupt industries and transform our business to improve our profitability.
  • Our organizational and infrastructure business leverages 30 years of technology and expertise as it seeks to disrupt the over $500 billion global manufacturing industry.

Our Strategy
  • Advance
  • Disrupt
  • Transform

Competitive Advantages
  • Iconic Brand
  • Best in class global supply chain
  • Powerful IP & technology
  • Unmatched commercial and consumer channel
  • Leverage customer insights & Big Data & analytics by QCI artificial intelligence
  • Leading sustainability

Compelling Investments
  • Advance Leadership...
  • Disrupt Industrial...
  • Aggresive Return...

Makes your own rules

Our smart solutions learn, predict and act to undertake meaningful tasks in the real world. With QCI ai technology we reinvent the way we live and work. Specific applications, products and solution information upon request.

Infrastructure for smart, autonomous services

With QCI Corp., our clients can build an AI driven infrastructure to build, deploy and connect smart technologies to automate their systems and reinvent business models.

We've put together a team of
the greatest titans of technology
the world has ever seen.
Here at QCI we are committed to innovating and reinventing your digital life.

Our Team

Dr. Torsten Bernasco

Creator & Ceo

Dr. Dirk Stein


Christian Makuto Meyer

Strategic Advisor Investment Banking & ESG

Eng. Gustavo Torres Mendioza


AK Seven



Senior AI Automation Developer